7 Animals Herbivores of the world's

7 Animals Herbivores of the world's

1. Wild boar

Warthog is not completely vegetarian, they eat small animals such as insects, lizards and frogs (on occasion), and will not reject carrion. However, like any other kind of pork, they also consume plants. Male weight up to 300 kg (though rare, can be described weighing more than 1 ton) and has a large, sharp tusks can open easily to rip predator stomachs.
Adult male wild pigs are known to fend off wolves without any help! Females have smaller tusks but still very dangerous, especially when they have piglets to be protected.

2. Cassowary

Cassowary is one of the largest bird in the world. They live in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea and are good at doing a lot of things. For example, the symbol at the top of their heads are hollow bird is used to produce calls with a very low frequency to communicate with other cassowaries in the distance. These animals get into this list because cassowary bird is the deadliest in the world, although in general they ate the fruit.
But when disturbed, they will jump into the air with style kung-fu and kick the enemy with claw foot inside a long, straight and shaped like a dagger. They are easily able to disembowel a man with a 'senjata'nya, which has been widely used not only attack humans but wild dogs and even horses and cows!

3. Baboon

Gelada Baboon is a monkey that is really impressive, with a large mane and flat face, unique and living in mobile Ethiopia mountains where most of them eat grass. Usually they are known as a peaceful animal, but they have a 'weapon' is the most frightening teeth. Although rare, they never attack humans at the zoo. Spesie is known to be very wild and aggressive.

4. Bison

With a reach one ton weight, the American bison is one of the two giant-bodied herbivores that live in North America (the other is the moose) after the extinction of the Ice Age. They hunted and endangered by human beings today. But thanks to legal protection they can still be found in the national parks.
What most people do not know is capable of killing a bull's travelers more than the power of bears and wolves! They usually will not attack unless you go in the 'private sphere' them.

5. Gorilla

After chimpanzees, gorillas are animals that are similar to ours, but of course there is a big difference between them and us. Silver back gorilla is Sepertiseorang adult males, usually the leader of the gorilla, weighing up to 200 kilograms / sometimes more, and have a minimum strength of 10 adults.
They are usually vegetarian and friendly, but adult males will not hesitate to attack any intruders who may pose a threat to his family. With 'senjata'nya a very large, very long arms, sharp canine teeth, and was able to run two times faster than humans. When angry, a gorilla would be as scary as a large predator.

6. Rhino

There are five species of rhino in Africa and Asia and they are all large-bodied, powerful, short-tempered and potentially lethal. Their horns are made of hair, but they are still very dangerous if used as a 'weapon' that can gore the enemy to death. Indian Rhinos also have sharp teeth and are known to bite as well. And of course, they can easily trample you under their body (by weight up to three tons). Basically, the way life comes with remarkable speed.

7. Forest Buffaloes

buffalo cow may look like a giant, but they are actually the most feared ground herbivores in Africa. Very easy to get angry, because it's herbivorous animals that thrive in the country will be ruled by a powerful predators such as lions and hyenas, and thus they have no choice but to become a creature its own difficulties.
With the loss, sharp horns and nails become 'weapons' deadly serious, and they are one of the few animals that will fall back to the help of a "friend". If a buffalo caught by a lion or wounded by hunters, there is a good chance that the rest of the herd attacker will charge to help their partner.

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