5 Animals With World's most unique face

5 Animals With World's most unique face
1. Two-faced Cat Venus

The first is a unique-looking animal, a cat named venus. Yes, this cat had horrendous because of his very unique. Because cats Christina, a native of North Carolina, has two different parts of the face. The face of the cat as split into two parts perfectly, where one side of jet black, while the other is orange brown. Even more surprising, both eyes venus also have different colors. Where the left eye is blue, while the other is yellow.

Cats look unique and very rare, due to genetic abnormalities. According to some studies, Venus is thought to have two types of DNA that occurs due to the fusion of two embryos. Genes determine the black coloring, working on one side of the face, and orange coloration genes arise on the other. When developed, the two met right in the middle, resulting in a cat with two faces. While the eyes of different colors, caused by abnormalities Heterochromia.

The employer said that the female cat pet, does have a face shape like that since birth. However, due to its uniqueness, now 3 year old cat was so popular in the world. Initially, the owner could post pictures venus across multiple social networking sites. And a few days later, the cat was then a celebrity who has a facebook account, the number of fans so much.

2. Frank and Louie-Two-faced Cat

In addition to Venus, the other two-faced cat is unique, which is a cat named frank and louie. This cat is so special because it has two mouths, two noses and three eyes, who live in a single brain. Not only that, the 12-year-old cat is now titled as the oldest two-faced cat in the world.
Frank and louie known as Janus cats, the cats who have a genetic abnormality. She maintained by Marty Stevens, a U.S. citizen who lived near the city of Worcester, the state of Massachusetts. Originally, Marty was hesitant cat who was born on 8 September 1999, can survive to adulthood with such conditions. Because usually, cats included in Janus group, can only survive for four days.

The veterinarian who examined him said that if the two-faced cat, it will not live long due to congenital disability that makes it difficult to eat. As a result, she will suffer from hunger and pneumonia. However, Marty insisted on bringing home the cat and keep it.
According to Marty, he had three eyes, only two were able to see, but his nose to function properly. While one of the two mouth, do not have lower jaw and is not connected with the esophagus. Therefore, only one working mouth to eat. Although the condition is complicated, but it proved to be able to survive until the age of 12 years. That is why, Guinness World Record record as abnormal cats can live long.

3. Axolotil

Animals faced the next unique, axolotil, the strange fish coming from Mexico. This animal has a face and body shape is unique. Body color also has a funny color, like pink. Not only that, these animals have red hair which is the gills. Gill looks to be on the side of his head, so that at first glance looks like a horn. People often creates fantasies east linked to a legend of the dragon. Therefore, they often also known as dragon fish.

Exotic animals that look funny, sometimes referred to as Mexican walking fish, because he is like a fish which has the hands and feet. However, the actual axolotil is not a kind of fish, but rather a rare type of salamander that can only be found in Lake Xochimilco, Mexico.

Axolotil also include a lizard that has a long life. Therefore, he can regrow limbs, such as tusks, skin, organs and parts of the brain and spine were injured. Some other animals have the ability to regenerate, but only salamanders of Mexico is having the privilege, which can regrow so many different parts of the body, in all his life. However, these rare amphibians threatened with extinction because of pollution and hunted for as pets.

4. Aye - Aye

Next is the animal called the aye-aye which is a funny-looking animals and rarest in the world. Animals are active at night, looks like a mix of some variety of animals. Aye-aye adult body, it would look like a big cat, but it has a face like a ferret or a ferret animal. Having a messy black hair, and a long tail. His ears were like bats that can spin freely. In addition, animal teeth grow constantly, much like the teeth of rodents. He also has a pair of big round eyes are green, have 5 fingers black, with sharp nails and a long middle finger 3 times the other fingers.

Besides looking weird, cute animals have features that are not possessed by other animals mampi. He can use his middle finger that sticks out like dry twigs, to detect insect larvae hidden in the bark of trees. While climbing, the aye-aye be tapping the bark, and when I heard a voice that could potentially indicate the presence of food, the aye-aye will eat away the wood to get his favorite prey, the grubs.

Animal loner, spent most of his life in the trees. Madagascar is the only place on earth where the animals can be found in the wild. However, the existence of the aye-aye is endangered due to habitat loss caused by poaching. Despite weighing only about 2 pounds in the wild, small animals are also considered a sign of death by local communities in Madagascar.

5. Elwood-ugliest dog

Animal Unique faced last dog named Elwood. The uniqueness of a face he had not made a mix between Chinese crested dog and chihuahua looks charming, but Elwood is a horrible-looking dog that won the ugliest dog contest in California in 2007. He won the award that year, because he was really the ugliest dog in the competition. However, thanks to his ugly face of that, now Elwood became famous dog in the world.

Elwood has a small body, with a straight face that looks like an alien. Shown with mohawk style haircut, with hair feathers are a mess. Ear shape was not fair, is not comparable to the size of a small face. Besides, that makes a lot of people are amused at the sight, his tongue sticking out to the side.

Farm where where he was born, had intended to sell it. However, no buyer is meminatinya because he was too ugly to sell. Lucky, a woman named Karen Quigley adopted Elwood to live with him in New Jersey, United States. Starting from where Elwood lives changed drastically, which originally excluded, now Elwood cherished by her employer.
The owner did not even think if it was his dog is a bad dog, since even the ugliest dog contest participated in California, now many people who praise and love Elwood, especially small children are so fond of Elwood because of his funny.

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