7 Animals are Still There Terrible Sea World

7 Animals are Still There Terrible Sea World
History of the planet formation is likely not lost creatures terrible start.
Do not believe? Try to look at the fossils of prehistoric animals that exist in the museums, there must be some terrible animal disana.Hewan-sized animals, the shape looks weird and sharp teeth seemed to be normal in ancient times. But the question is, whether such animals still exist in the world?

The answer is yes. Of millions of species of animals that live in this world, there are still some that are relics of prehistoric animals that can survive to this day. What is it? Let's look at one by one ..

1. Goblin shark

Goblin shark has a dominant color pink with a length up to 11 feet. Her spooky augmented by a long snout like a shovel with the ability elektrosensitif. Goblin sharks have existed since the Middle Eocene epoch, which means they live in the era megalodon. Megalodon is a giant white shark the size of a bus that makes the biggest sea predator ever. If megalodon could not survive, goblin sharks can.

To date, in 2012, goblin sharks can still be found in some waters in the world. Their presence was detected in the offshore in Japan.

2. Pari Giant Freshwater Fish

What you see is not a photoshop engineering. This giant stingray measuring 16 feet by about 15-inch serrated toxins in the ass. This giant river stingray called've lived in the Jurassic period, about 100 million years ago. Several rivers in Southeast Asia such as the rivers of Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and of course Indonesia (Kalimantan) became part of endemic fish is super wide.

3. Frilled Shark

Called the frilled shark has crossed the Earth's oceans for 95 million years. With a deep-sea habitat, does not mean frilled shark did not want to 'greet' people on the surface. Mouth frilled shark has more than 300 pairs of super sharp teeth that can trap prey. As if less, they can also open my mouth to eat prey size up to 1.5 times greater than they.

4. Alligator Gar

Alligator gar is believed to have lived for 100 million years. With hundreds of sharp teeth in the mouth, these animals remind us of ancient times where the entire animal in the world against each other with their teeth super chainsaw. Alligator gar also have primitive lungs that allow them to live for hours out of the water.

The southern part of the United States, precisely river in the Gulf Coast region as a habitat for alligator gar. Although able to survive millions of years in nature with their species, but the alligator gar fishermen sometimes killed by an electric shock.

5. Chinese Giant Salamander

Animal fat is considered to have survived for 30 million years, which means they survived the giant bear and hyena species of cattle. Fortunately, the Chinese giant salamander is a list of prehistoric animals that will not eat humans. Giant salamander is endemic in China. Where when the dinosaurs did not survive, this cute salamander that might still exist today.

6. Triops

Are cool nicknames for Triops? If you think shrimp hell, then it is true. Some people think these animals are genetically engineered parasites who graduated from sebuh labotarium the film, but Triops is a remnant of ancient times that has survived since the Triassic period, about 200 million years ago. With a super strong immune system, they can even be found in the drains.

7. Lamprey

If you think lamprey is a small worm, then think again. Lamprey can grow up to 3 meters and they can take a vicious fish with a stick in the body of a fish with a hook in its mouth hundreds of teeth. Lamprey has been around since 360 ​​million years ago, and are considered the animals 'devil'.

Almost in coastal freshwater habitats around the world has now become lamprey and they became the face for the other fish. Countries such as Finland, South Korea, and Sweden even make animal-shaped blood-sucking worm-fish as a food ingredient.

Here are seven magical sea creatures and terrible that still exist and survive in this world. If you find one of the animals mentioned above, please immortalized first Once it can be kept, or sold for money hehe.

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